Creative Watercolors by Betty Neely

Betty NeelyMy paintings are of a water based media. My work is unique in style and texture as a result of the various techniques I incorporate when painting.

Through many years of practice, patience and experimentation, I have developed a style similar to expressionistic by mixing realism and abstraction. I seldom use a reference or have a preconceived idea; it hinders my creative process. I choose rather to create from my environment as I paint.

I have a passion for nature and respond to its mysterious and spiritual qualities. Also, I challenge myself to a variety of personal experiences and subjects which help me to produce works of thought and imagination.

By casting an aesthetic veil over reality I am able to create an individual and uncommon perspective. I want to give the viewer something to think about; not just to look at.

Please contact me via e-mail should you be interested in purchasing my work, or have question or comments.

Enjoy your visit!

- Betty